Seamless was started by Brandon Bornancin and a group of award-winning entrepreneurs who are working to disrupt an entire industry. We founded Seamless to organize the world’s contacts and make them universally accessible and useful. This makes creating profitable relationships and new revenue, Seamless.

Throughout our previous careers, we did a plethora of outbound selling and quickly realized that in order to be successful, you need to develop profitable relationships with as many people as possible.

Today, prospecting and relationship building is a very labor-intensive, costly, difficult, fragmented and opaque process undermined by outdated technology, information and data entry that turns people off. We share in that frustration.

Now, imagine a world where it’s Seamless to connect with your target market, build profitable relationships and acquire new clients.

We imagined it. And then we delivered it.


Brandon Bornancin Founder & CEO

Brandon Bornancin is a serial salesperson, entrepreneur, speaker, author and strategist who is obsessed with helping people maximize their sales, income and potential. Throughout his career, he studied the greats and become a top 1% performer and seven figure earner.


To help every professional in the world create new relationships, opportunities and revenue, faster than ever before.


To maximize the potential of every professional by empowering them to connect.


To positively impact a billion people and grow the economy in a big way.


Seamless.AI builds software to help every professional in the world create new relationships, opportunities and revenue, faster than ever before.

We are built on the core purpose of creating “great lives for great people,” which extends beyond our great employees to our clients, partners, and supporters.

This guiding principle informs every decision we make, attracting a diverse body of intelligent and talented people who in turn, reinforce these values daily to everyone we engage with.

We take great pride in our culture and the team we’ve built fostering this unique workplace. We embrace open collaboration and creativity. We encourage the iteration of ideas that address the world’s most complex technical sales challenges.

Transparency and open dialogue are central to how we work. We empower employees to act on big ideas regardless of their role or function within the company.

We strive to hire great employees that have backgrounds and perspectives as diverse as those of our global users. We work to provide an environment where these talented individuals can have fulfilling and rewarding careers while addressing some of the biggest challenges in sales and marketing.

Our employees are among our best assets, truly critical to our continued success. We investing in hiring the best, most talented employees and providing competitive compensation programs to keep them highly motivated and eager to contribute to our mission.


Leading with our core values is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are discussing new ideas for products, developing revolutionary solutions to solve our customer’s problem, or interviewing new candidates. The Seamless team instills these 12 core values in everything we do.

Whatever It Takes

Do whatever it takes to serve our customers with the best experience possible.

Everything else great will follow.

Whole > Self

There is no I in team. We win together and we lose together, as a team.

Think Bigger

Take all of your ideas, dreams, goals and aspirations here at Seamless – and think bigger. Then, develop the action plan to make them a reality.

Challenge Everything

Game changers don’t take the easy way out. They don’t do what has already been done.They create new paths and set records that have never been achieved before. Innovate and challenge everything.

Take Action

Paralysis by analysis doesn’t accomplish anything for anyone. Take action and ask for forgiveness along the way.

Never Fail

You either succeed or learn. We don’t believe in failure.

Find solutions, not problems

There is opportunity everywhere, you just need to go out and find it.When faced with obstacles, don’t complain about the problem, just find the solution. No negativity here.

Do the right thing

No matter what, act with integrity and do the right thing always.

Embrace change

Change is inevitable. Be adaptable.

Do more with less

We increase our competitive advantage in the marketplace by doing more with less. When there is a will, there is a way.

Be Resilient

Life is going to punch you  50,0000 different times in the face. When you get knocked down, get up and keep fighting forward.

Take ownership

We are all owners of the business. Take ownership in the success of the company. We don’t wait for the “boss” to tell us what to do.

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