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Find perfect emails, phone numbers and
insights for everyone using artificial intelligence

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Artificial Sales Intelligence Features

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    Get emails validated by artificial intelligence for all your ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Phone Numbers

    Get phone numbers validated by artificial intelligence for all your ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Quickly build lists of your most profitable contacts.

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    Quickly build lists of your most profitable accounts

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    Search Engine

    Research millions of contacts and accounts with our proprietary sales AI search engine.

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    Get background information and pitch research on all your ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Pitch Research

    Leverage thousands of data points delivered on your target audience to quickly and effectively communicate to your ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Social Selling

    Quickly sell to your ideal contacts and accounts across every social platform. Get social profiles and feeds for all your ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Get detailed location information to effective target your ideal personas wherever they live.

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    Interests, Hobbies & Passions

    Identify your prospect’s interests, hobbies and passions to develop rapport.

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    Common Connections

    Leverage common connections to get introductions and referrals to ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Get news, press releases, alerts on all your ideal contacts and accounts.

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    Employee lists

    Identify decision makers and influencers at all your most profitable accounts.

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    Understand your prospect’s competitors and deliver solutions to win.

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    Web Technologies

    Review web technologies to gain intelligence on budget and technology stack.

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    Digital Marketing

    Identify how your prospects are marketing their business across SEO, PPC, Display, Content, Social & Mobile.

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    Easily read all the financials on your ideal accounts.

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    Recommendations Engine

    Leverage our predictive AI recommendation engine to get recommended lists of profitable contacts and accounts to prospect.

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    CRM Integration

    Integrate Seamless to all your favorite CRMs to seamlessly sell the dream.

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    Get real-time alerts to engage and close your most profitable contacts and accounts.


Build Relationships With Millions

Get accurate contact information and relationship intelligence for every professional in the world wherever you browse on the web.

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Real-Time A.I. Validation

By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and sales data science, we deliver the world’s most accurate contact information and customer relationship intelligence in real-time to ensure your intelligence is accurate, comprehensive, timely and complete.

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Contact Relationship Insights

Thousands of insights and weeks worth of research found instantaneously and delivered in a contact relationship insights brief delivered anywhere you browse to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the person you are connecting with in 5 seconds or less.

Your contact relationship intelligence brief spans professional work history, key responsibilities, education, age, interests & hobbies, favorite sports teams, the weather, social media posts, news, sales triggers and much more.

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Company Relationship Insights

Thousands of insights and weeks worth of research found instantaneously and delivered in a company relationship insights brief anywhere you browse on the web to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the company you are connecting with in 5 seconds or less.

Your company relationship intelligence brief spans company descriptions, products, employees, financials, web technologies, digital marketing, media budgets, social media posts, org charts, funding, real-time news, competitors, sales trigger alerts and much more!

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Directly Integrate With Your CRM

Automatically import all your new contact and account prospecting lists into your favorite crm, google sheets, dialer or email tool with one-click.

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Recommendations Engine

Target your best prospects with Seamless recommendations and predictive scoring. We’ll analyze your CRM and identify the best contacts and accounts you should be closing today!

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Delivering intelligence for the world's contacts and companies is at the core of Seamless, and we take it very seriously.

We leverage a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and sales data science to ensure that our intelligence is comprehensive, accurate, useful and accessible.

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Trusted by Thousands Worldwide

  • I was over 300% to quota at IBM. Seamless was a major contributor to my success. I will recommend them to anyone looking to generate more predictable revenue results.

    cust_1 David
  • We have aggressive sales goals every quarter. Seamless helps us beat them, time and time again.

    Kristen1 Kristen
  • Seamless.AI has been a game changer for me. It’s helped me find the right contacts and deliver the right message at the right time to close more deals this quarter, currently finishing at 227%.

    Nathan-dellemc Nathan
  • NO other tool out there like this. Wouldn’t even bother prospecting without it.

    Chris-cisco Chris
  • Human Data Scientists + Sales Software = Game Changing. Work with these guys if you want to close BIG deals.

    cust_7 Scott
  • I’ve been using Seamless for years and will never consider another alternative. The best sales leads out on the market to find and close more deals.

    Mark-rfactr-logo-larger Mark
  • Seamless is incredible. Within two weeks of using it, I closed a $1,500,000 deal…our largest yet. If you aren’t using Seamless, you need to start today.

    Oliver-REMAX-METROplus2 Oliver
  • I make hundreds of calls a week. I work with Seamless because I want to make each and every one of them count, and dominate my sales quota every year. It’s that simple.

    cust_12 Dan
  • Amazing service. This solves my biggest problem of how to move quickly AND still have highly relevant and contextual information to engage my prospects and customers. I highly recommend using Seamless.

    jeff Jeff
  • Finding a ton of new opportunities using seamless. Great software – easy to use and find leads. Would recommend for account based sales and marketing. Love the team over there as well…

    brad Brad
  • The Seamless sales search engine delivers top notch sales leads every time. If you want to work with an amazing sales platform that builds your pipeline and helps you close more sales, I highly recommend Seamless.

    cust_3 Greg
  • Since working with Seamless, I quadrupled the amount of opportunities in my pipeline. I highly recommend Seamless to anyone looking to find more hot leads and close more deals.

    cust_9 Brian
  • Seamless AI is the prime tool in the “tool box” for anyone in sales or needing information for qualified, warm prospects. Using Seamless will make a cold call into a warm conversation by providing information for having a high level, in-depth conversation at all stages of contact with the researched individual.

    Frank Frank
  • As the Director of Operations for an ad agency, I love the efficiency that Seamless AI provides. It gives me instant and reliable contact information when I am doing biz dev work as well as working on staff aug. Very nice and easy to use app.

    jack Jake
  • These guys are the best. Time and time again Seamless helps create a system that generates new revenue opportunities and scales results. I was among the top 5% of sales reps this year, thank you Seamless!

    Mark Mark
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