Turning Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Sales Machine

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April 22, 2022
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With over 810 million members across 200 countries, LinkedIn (LI) is the largest professional network in the world, one of the top proven ways to grow your network in 2022, and the greatest sales pipeline opportunity for any SDR.

It is the perfect place to nurture relationships with clients and possible prospects. You get to learn more about your prospect, their likes and dislikes. And the prospect gets to learn more about you and your product.

That’s why we put together the essential strategies you need to implement to optimize your LinkedIn profile and turn your page into a bonafide sales-generating machine. 

Start with Your Headline 

Besides your name, your headline is one of the first things people see on your profile. The headline is a “prime real estate” area where prospects will decide to either keep reading or keep scrolling.

Sometimes you’ll see people waste this primetime spot and put up an inspirational quote. While a quote can be clever, for the most part, it confuses prospects and gives them a reason to look to someone else to buy from. 

Instead of making this mistake, you want to be clear with your headline. Your headline should be a concise statement about where you work, and the kind of work you do. Making these moves in your headline will let the prospect know to reach out to you with purchasing questions. 

Here’s some examples of strong and clear LinkedIn headline:

  • Hannah Beadling | Marketing at Seamless.AI
  • Austin Staropoli | Senior SDR-2 Team Lead at Seamless.AI

Both of these headlines clearly and succinctly communicate who the person is, where they work, and what they do. 

Next, Tackle Your “About” Section

The “About” section on your LinkedIn profile is meant to be about you, but this is a great chance to make it about your prospects and deliver value.

In a brief statement, mention the pains you eliminate and plug your product, since it’s high up on your profile.

By teasing that you have THE solution to solve the biggest pains your prospect has been trying to solve, you’re creating an irresistible hook that will pique their curiosity and make them want to read more.

Here’s what a value-driven “About” section would look like: 

  • Hi I’m Hannah! Welcome to my LinkedIn! I help marketing departments generate more leads with less time through email marketing
  • Hello, I’m Steven! I help B2B SaaS companies decrease prospecting time and increase sales through lead generation with Seamless.AI

Notice in these examples, that the full name and other important information from the headline have been left out in the “About” section.

You want to refrain from constantly repeating your name and title because it gets redundant for your prospect to read after a while. They may lose interest and keep scrolling.

So keep your intro short and sweet (the best “About” sections are only one sentence long), and then jump right into the target market you sell to, the problems your target has, and how you can solve them.

In addition to brevity, these examples also do an excellent job of focusing on the prospect and delivering value to their target.

Now anyone who comes across these LinkedIn pages, and would like to decrease prospecting time and increase sales, will be immediately interested.

Because these “About” section examples are so relevant and targeted, the prospect will likely be excited and ready to reach out first before you even have to contact them.

Remember, Your Profile is Just the Beginning. Take Advantage of Engagement! 

Even though we’ve run through the key components to a killer LinkedIn page, we don’t want you to leave thinking that as soon as you get your profile together, you can stop and rake in the sales.

A value-driven LinkedIn page will grab the attention and help bring in the traffic, but engagement will drive more results than your profile, and make the biggest impact on your sales goals.

Engagement is a great way to organically build your network organically because your comments, reactions, and reshares are all public.

Interacting with just one person’s posts doesn’t only put you in front of the creator, but also their entire network. So every time you engage with someone’s post, you’re introducing yourself and your brand to thousands of potential customers.

There are even posts that encourage networking in the comments section. LinkedIn influencer Dan Roth, is a great example of comment-networking. He created “Job Connection Tuesdays” where every Tuesday, he makes a post for recruiters and job seekers to reach each other via the post’s comments. 

When you do comment, make sure you aren’t plugging your company and your product. Spamming comments with unsolicited self-promotion is going to have an adverse effect on your sales efforts and alienate others.

Instead, depending on the post, showcase your industry knowledge. Consistently sharing relevant, industry expertise in the comments will build familiarity with you as a trusted authority. 

Lastly, Check Your Prospect’s Activity

LinkedIn offers many benefits for sales professionals that you can’t get anywhere else. But like many other sales channels, in order to leverage this platform to its fullest potential, you have to do your research on your prospects.

No matter the channel or the platform, assessing the needs of your customers is key to driving sales.

So this last piece of advice is to constantly gather any and all  information on your prospects so you can figure out their needs, deliver relevance and value, and close that deal.

Looking through their activity, their recent posts, and their company LinkedIn page, are all excellent strategies for gathering data on your prospect through LinkedIn.

These are all the tested and proven strategies you can use to transform LinkedIn into your greatest sales weapon. Start implementing these secrets today and watch your profile become a sales machine! 

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