This Is How We Close Cold Leads

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May 20, 2022
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This cold call technique is so effective, prospects will say "YES" before you can explain what you sell. 

That’s right! Our Chief Revenue Officer, Mike Hopkins, developed this strategy, and it has booked him so many meetings, in some cases - he’s closed without introducing the product. 

If you want to try out Mike’s “One-Call Close” strategy, I broke it down for you step by step:

1. Get Permission

“Hey %FIRSTNAME%, it’s Mike @ Seamless, got 17 seconds?”

Introducing yourself by first name suggests you and the prospect already have a rapport (even if you don’t yet) which catches them off guard. They’ll be too busy trying to remember how they know you, and automatically give you more time to continue the conversation– which is your ultimate goal on cold calls.

“Yeah, I have a second - what’s going on?”

2. Generate Interest

The longer you can keep the prospect on the phone, the more likely you are to close. Because of this, you want to try to get the prospect hooked ASAP so you can buy more time. 

“Look, I’m calling you because we built the terminator of business development”

Here personality and charm win. Throwing out witty, colorful phrases like this will have the prospect thinking, The terminator of business dev…What is that? And now you’ve got them hooked in!

“Okay, go on”

3. Build Credibility

Mike has come up with a lot of creative ways to continue the conversation, but he swears the best way to continue buying time is by showing social proof.

“You may have heard of IBM and Salesforce. Well these are actually top clients that we’ve worked with. We helped them accomplish X in M timeframe.”

Dropping the big names and competitors that use your product helps you build more interest and quickly establishes your credibility. 

By generating interest, hooking the prospect, and presenting social proof, you make your product irresistible and BOOM– meeting booked!


Now that you have Mike’s One-Call Close strategy and access to the World’s Best Sales Leads, it’s time to start nailing those cold calls and booking meetings with your dream customers.

If you’d like to learn more sales and marketing tips on how to best leverage your Seamless data, then I strongly recommend booking a demo so that we can help you navigate our app like a pro!

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