Here’s How to Leave Voicemails That Get Callbacks

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June 10, 2022
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If you’re doing cold calls, you’re going to wind up on a prospect’s voicemail, more times than not. 

But voicemails can be tricky…

How long do you make a voicemail? What should you say? Do you pitch in the voicemail?

We get tons of requests from our readers to discuss this, so here are the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to leave sales voicemails that are so enticing, prospects won’t be able to resist calling you back.  

With so many new channels to sell from nowadays, leaving a voicemail might seem outdated. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When communicating with potential customers, a whopping 94% of sales representatives are leaving voicemails, which is more than the percentage of reps that use LinkedIn! 

A large reason voicemail is still so effective is because it’s more personal than an email or DM.

Voicemail requires dedicated time to do research on the prospect and come up with a script versus quick, “fill-in-the-blank” that you can spray out to hundreds of people. 

When you leave personalized voicemails, your prospects will notice the effort and immediately be impressed. 

Voicemail additionally feeds into people’s fear of missing out (FOMO). 

People still have that same fear of missing useful communications when they see a new message or call they missed. 

No one ever wants to be outside the loop, especially decision-makers.   

These are all the reasons why voicemail is still a powerful tool if you use it correctly. 

Here are some helpful tips to leverage with your next voicemail: 

  • Make sure you’re not leaving a message for a gatekeeper. If you leave a voicemail for a receptionist they might listen. However, chances are you’ll be blacklisted from further communications. 
  • Don’t go in unprepared. This is true for calls and voicemails. Learn as much as you can about the prospect in advance, that way you can get specific in your voicemail. Before you pick up the phone, browse their company's LinkedIn page, their blog, etc. anything that helps you understand the company and the issues they're facing better. 
  • Keep your voicemail  8 to 14 seconds long. If the voicemail is too long or too short it will likely be deleted without thought. Drop enough value to make the prospect want to call back.
  • Speak as clearly as possible (loud and slow) so there’s no chance the prospect’s voicemail system distorts the transcription. 
  • Use “I” as little as possible and instead use terms like “our,” “we,” and “you.” This creates a sense of collaboration instead of pushing your personal agenda. You want the prospect to think: This resource can help me with X, NOT This is really aggressive. They only care about making quota. To achieve this, leverage your research and mention a common problem the prospect has that your product or solution can solve. 

Take a look at some of the voicemail scripts below to see what I mean: 

“Hello I’m Ben from XYZ company and I wanted to reach out so I could give you a walkthrough of the platform” 


“Hi, It’s Hannah {their first name here}, Congratulations on your recent anniversary! Let’s schedule some time soon so that we can solve the lead generation issues you’re facing at XYZ company. ”

With the first example, it’s completely focused on Ben and what he wants. Who cares what Ben wants? No one! 

But with the second example it gets right into the prospect’s pains. Who wants an impediment fixed? EVERYONE! Plus the second example pays compliments right up front that show research was done (bonus points!). 

  • Finally, warm up the prospect on other channels before you use voicemail. Consider connecting on LinkedIn first, then commenting on some of their posts. 

Or you could email them first as an introduction. Either way the point is to get your name on their radar before you leave a voicemail since prospects are more likely to listen to voicemails from people they are familiar with. 

I hope this convinced you that voicemail is anything but a dead channel. Test out these strategies and scripts for yourself & start getting flooded with callbacks. 

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