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Earn Up To 40% Commission

We put this portal together to give you everything you need to generate a new revenue stream, just for referring customers to Seamless.AI! Use your existing network, promote to your audience, and make up to 40% commission on every sale that is made based on your customized referral link.

How Does This Affiliate Program Work?

The Seamless.AI platform is an intelligent sourcing solution that will help recruiters find, pinpoint and connect with prospective candidates anywhere on the web. Unlike traditional databases, Seamless is a real-time search engine, which means faster results, emails that get delivered and the most direct dials on any platform.

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Ideas On How To Promote Our Product

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Invite your professional network at the click of a button. Provide value as to why users would want to join and provide your own take on how Seamless.AI has helped you generate more sales!

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Invite your connections, and friends who you think would benefit from having cell phones, emails and direct dials for anyone that they’d need to sell to. Add that testimonial to provide lots of value.

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Would your clients or leads benefit from having access to Seamless? Invite them to sign up for free and get free credits to find verified contact information for everyone that they need to sell to. Provide tons of value and social proof and make sure to never SPAM!

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40% commission could be a lot of money. Enough to create your own lists using Seamless and create dialing cadences that invite targeted personas to sign up for free with your affiliate invite link. Practice objection handling and start generating a new revenue stream!

How to Leverage the Affiliate Portal

Watch this short video to get familiar with the portal.

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Seamless.AI Benefits
Real-time Search Engine
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Data Verification
Verified with Every Search
90-150 Day Reverification Process
Social Search
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Email Search
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Website Search
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13 Native, Over 1,500+ Apps Powered by Zapier
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Entire Spectrum

Affiliates are not required to sell Seamless. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile, we’ve provided some scripts to help you introduce Seamless.AI to your audience.

Cold Calling
Cold Calling Scripts

Be Sure To Customize For Your Audience

Hey {{first_name}}

{{your_name}} here, I know I'm an interruption, can I have 17 seconds to tell you why I called.

Ok Thanks.

I’m calling to introduce you to the same platform I used to connect with you today.

It helps sales leaders like yourself automate sales prospecting and appointment setting.

Now I was wondering, if you had contact info like cell phones, emails and direct dials to everyone that you’d want to sell to, would that help you close more business?

Ok great. And do you manage or influence your sales strategy or the team that is responsible for prospecting and appointment setting?

If "YES," prospect manages prospecting

Ok great. Well if you have another 30 seconds, here’s how it works.

You login to a cloud based app, type in all the titles and companies you want to go after and then simply click search. The platform builds lists of hundreds of qualified sales leads that your team can easily prospect and schedule demos with right away.

Additionally on LinkedIn with just a click of the mouse you can get contact information for any LinkedIn profile.

Now I am well past my 17 seconds and wanted to ask if we can pencil in a quick conversation for later this week or next to show you how this works to help you crush your quota this year.

After the demo I can give you free exclusive access to try it out yourself with their free trial.

How does later this week or next pencil in a quick chat?

If "NO," prospect DOES NOT manage prospecting

Ok no problem {{first_name}}.

So I can update my records and get you off my call list, who is the best person over there that we should be speaking with about this?

Ok great. And do you happen to have their direct dial by chance?

Well thank you for your time today {{first_name}} and if you don’t mind passing my contact info to your colleague and mention I’ll be reaching out, that would be great.

Have a great week and best of luck to you this year.

Hi {{first_name}},

This is {{your_name}}, I’m a huge fan of {{company}} and the work you’re doing in the {{industry}} space.

Can I have 17 seconds to tell you why I'm calling?

Great, Thank You.

I'm calling because Seamless.AI built a platform that is changing the way inside sales is being done forever in the tech space.

It automates, list building and appointment setting by giving you validated contact information for every B2B professional and company in the world.

To give you an idea, they are already working with some of the fastest growing companies in the world and has been named by LinkedIn as one of their Top 50 Startups.

And all I wanted to do today is ask if I can pencil in 5 minutes on the calendar so you can see this for yourself and answer any questions you may have?

Prospect: "Can you tell me more?"


Imagine if you could automate your inside sales work so your calendar is booked forever. That’s exactly what Seamless.AI does.

They automate the entire prospecting and list building process so your team can spend 100% of their time selling. Doing what they’re good at and what they are highly paid to do.

They automate the entire process by identifying your ideal industries, ideal companies and ideal contact personas - then give you an automated flow of sales qualified opportunities so your team can pitch and close deals 24/7 around the clock.

No more data entry, no more scouring the internet, no more copy and pasting, searching for information. No more stale databases and inaccurate information. No More wasting 60% of your time on non-selling activities. ONLY SELLING.

They have business cases where they are helping companies immediately increase new meetings 5-10x, while driving more revenue and bringing entire sales teams over quota.

Now I know I caught you off guard so I'd love to pencil in a quick chat later this week to show you how sales is automated and changed forever.

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