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  • I was over 300% to quota at IBM. Seamless was a major contributor to my success. I will recommend them to anyone looking to generate more predictable revenue results.
  • We have aggressive sales goals every quarter. Seamless helps us beat them, time and time again.
  • Seamless.AI has been a game changer for me. It’s helped me find the right contacts and deliver the right message at the right time to close more deals this quarter, currently finishing at 227%.
  • NO other tool out there like this. Wouldn’t even bother prospecting without it.
  • Human Data Scientists + Sales Software = Game Changing. Work with these guys if you want to close BIG deals.
  • I’ve been using Seamless for years and will never consider another alternative. The best sales leads out on the market to find and close more deals.
  • Seamless is incredible. Within two weeks of using it, I closed a $1,500,000 deal…our largest yet. If you aren’t using Seamless, you need to start today.
  • I make hundreds of calls a week. I work with Seamless because I want to make each and every one of them count, and dominate my sales quota every year. It’s that simple.
  • Amazing service. This solves my biggest problem of how to move quickly AND still have highly relevant and contextual information to engage my prospects and customers. I highly recommend using Seamless.
  • Finding a ton of new opportunities using seamless. Great software – easy to use and find leads. Would recommend for account based sales and marketing. Love the team over there as well…
  • The Seamless sales search engine delivers top notch sales leads every time. If you want to work with an amazing sales platform that builds your pipeline and helps you close more sales, I highly recommend Seamless.
  • Since working with Seamless, I quadrupled the amount of opportunities in my pipeline. I highly recommend Seamless to anyone looking to find more hot leads and close more deals.
  • Seamless AI is the prime tool in the “tool box” for anyone in sales or needing information for qualified, warm prospects. Using Seamless will make a cold call into a warm conversation by providing information for having a high level, in-depth conversation at all stages of contact with the researched individual.
  • As the Director of Operations for an ad agency, I love the efficiency that Seamless AI provides. It gives me instant and reliable contact information when I am doing biz dev work as well as working on staff aug. Very nice and easy to use app.
  • These guys are the best. Time and time again Seamless helps create a system that generates new revenue opportunities and scales results. I was among the top 5% of sales reps this year, thank you Seamless!
  • If you want to connect with the right person because you have the right sales data every time, use Seamless.
  • Seamless is the only solution for building the best B2B sales lead lists that actually generate revenue. I highly recommend Seamless to anyone and everyone.
  • Thanks Brandon, This looks awesome! We really appreciate your help. I’ll dive into this later today once I’m back on solid ground : ) Cheers, Evan.
  • Great tool for finding contact info on the go when prospecting and automating a LOT of the time sinks when it comes to putting deals together. Bravo Seamless AI!
  • I don’t have time to build prospect lists or sift through outdated databases of leads. I work with Seamless to build lead lists, they provide all the information I need to prospect and close. They are the best for sales-ready leads.
  • Seamless has made it a ton easier to do in depth research on my leads and prospects. The days of wondering if my information is up to date are gone. It’s free to join, so I tried it! The videos are helpful and quick. I was a pro in 5 minutes. This is the smart alternative to buying, scraping, and constantly updating your list.
  • We’ve installed Seamless a few days ago as a team and it’s excellent. Being able to browse Linkedin and get verification on emails, address and telephone numbers is just brilliant. Sometime we don’t get the DD but just having contact details in the same window as LI is just excellent. We’re looking forward to seeing Seamless develop and we would happily pay for it. Great job guys, keep up the excellent work! 🙂
  • Exactly what I needed for my new consulting company in order to find amazing leads!
  • This is an excellent tool for anyone in sales or business development. So easy and seamless (ha ha) to use. Love it!
  • Such a great extension! It helps so much to decrease the time it takes to find a person and their contact info. A simple and powerful must have!
  • Got to know about it yesterday, and I am already in love! Amazing product, highly recommend !
  • Being a BDR is tough work. You learn early on that you need to rely on dependable tools when finding contact info for prospects. I’ve used many systems, but you will not find a more dependable option than Seamless AI. The team at Seamless is determined to bring you results, and that speaks volumes about a product. Stop looking, and start using!
  • Wow! This is what we’ve been looking for. I have spent HOURS researching emails and contacts in the entertainment industry, and Seamless AI has now made it possible to take out all of that work and save me and my team so much time and money. Will be sharing with ALL my clients!!
  • I’m not a salesperson but, is a tool that I couldn’t imagine working without. I use it all the time to find contact info for people I’m networking with and/or helping friends get in touch with. Extremely useful for an investor/VC.
  • Great extension! helps our SDR’s find contact information for potential prospects in a matter of seconds. Would recommend Seamless to any prospecting team!
  • Started using this extension a few weeks ago, and it has been just that – seamless. I love how simple and easy to use it is. My world is all about reaching out to people, and having accurate and relevant information enables me to save time and be more effective. Major props on doing what SalesLoft Cadence started… and stopped.
  • Our sales contact research time has been reduced by 80% with Seamless.AI, it is so simple, but so powerful. Over the years we have used a number of different data aggregation services, both paid and free…this is the best, hands down.
  • Seamless.AI has made networking efficient and effortless. This platform is a game changer for sales and creates an amazing opportunity to build new relationships with potential prospects. Highly recommend!!!
  • In the past two years I’ve tried so many contact info searching / gathering chrome add-ons that I’ve lost count. Once I found I deleted them all. It’s the simplest, fastest, most accurate contact info gathering app I have ever seen.
  • Seamless has made networking more enjoyable, has increased revenue, and provided additional opportunities for my company. It is clear that Seamless will help increase my companies sales and free up time to devote to other aspects of my business. This product will take any company to the next level. Seamless is a must have for any professional.
  • I found a seven figure deal through Seamless AI.. About to get the contract in and all because of this app. Any sales director would be crazy not to use this to their advantage.
  • There are other tools that do parts of what seamless does but putting all together and making it easy to use is a game changer.
  • I have only been using the app for a couple days but it has been great in helping me find the contact information for my leads. It is exciting to think of the other areas that are still being developed as it is quite nice right now for my needs.
  • It’s a good product for Sales People so far. I have started using it and it changed the way I qualify my leads now and manage my prospects. I seriously cannot believe this tool is free. Kudos to the team. Please keep up the good work!
  • Seamless AI should be mandatory in any sales professional’s toolkit. It’s very accurate at collecting contact information, and is all rolled up in a nice, easy-to-use interface.
  • The Seamless tool and platform is very powerful and so easy to use. The ability to research any professional and instantly have accurate information about them is incredible. Add this now!!
  • This tool has been amazing. I am helping my client build out their Business Development organization where lead gen has been their biggest challenge. We were immediately able to find contacts at their core target clients and create a list with greater detail than ever before. I can’t believe this is free!
  • Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars every year for technology that is sub-par to Seamless AI. I honestly cannot believe this is free. I will continue to recommend this platform to anyone who is serious about building a better pipeline. This is especially a must have platform for SDRs. Now stop reading the reviews and hit the download button, it’s the best thing you will do all day.
  • I cant believe this is free!!! Love it!
  • Great stuff!!! Easy & Quick Install – I’m gonna use it every day!
  • Game Changer: Finding the information on the contacts I’m researching is faster and easier than ever!
  • This is the best prospecting tool I have used in my career. It’s hands down the most accurate tool I’ve used that finds the perfect contact information for the people I’m looking at on LinkedIn. The extension is not intrusive at all as I can easily hide it, and it’s there when I need it. Hands down the best. I strongly recommend it.
  • Fast and easy
  • Excellent tool
  • I love this tool! Use it everyday.
  • Great job with this extension!
  • I’m a veteran of Enterprise Sales, seen a lot of tools in my time, but is one of the most impressive tools I’ve ever seen. In 48 hours since I started utilizing your solution I’ve added 2 new (highly qualified)
  • As the word goes Seamless AI is really seamless in getting the right info at right time and making my work more easy. One of the great tools i have ever used before.
  • Great tool to add to my extensions on google!
  • This was a game changer for my business. Took the time out of hunting for data and led me directly into reaching out to the prospect.
  • I’ve been in a prospecting role for over 3 years now and Seamless is the only tool I’ve used that can keep up with me. Highly recommend for anyone who needs high quality bulk. Keep up the good work Seamless!
  • So far so great. After salesloft did its thing, I have been looking to replace it with something similar. This works. In conjunction with other tools we use, it’s getting awesome!
  • I’ve tried a bunch of competing tools, and Seamless is the first to really deliver accurate contact info that lets me use this as a reliable part of my sales organization.
  • I’ve been using Seamless for less than 30 days and find it to be very beneficial. Prospecting is an art, this tool is a great addition for anyone looking to build quality pipelines. Highly recommend to anyone is sales!
  • Shockingly effective and useful tool. I was doubtful at first and have found Seamless AI to be indispensable within the first hour of use. I’ve passed this along to my sales team to start using already.
  • What a great service! Been in sales a long time, Seamless is a total game changer. Highly recommend! Is there a 6 star option? 🙂
  • Love the platform! Hope to see this company grow!
  • Seriously LOVE Seamless AI. This plugin makes it unbelievably quick and easy to generate sales leads and close deals!
  • Love this tool! Only 2 weeks and I consider this part of my sales stack. I have been able to advance several key prospects by getting the right DM. Keep it coming!
  • Stumbled on Seamless and it is so far the best stumble I’ve ever had. Super useful already and I’ve only been on the platform less than 30 days. “Finding out” who the people we want to do business with in one swift movement is a
  • Seamless AI has tremendously helped our business for lead generation.
  • Every time I use this tool I find something else cool that it can help me do! Finding the right contact is key, and this lets me zoom in quickly and accurately.
  • I use for work and it makes my life much easier when it comes to lead generation.
  • We use Seamless AI daily it makes our lead generation so much easier.
  • Just found this app yesterday, super handy tool and very powerful.
  • Great tool for adding contacts to Salesforce, you are able to add contacts quickly. Brandon has been helpful with responding to my questions and has created an awesome tool!
  • Getting in front of the decision maker is the only way to do business. Finding that person is the hardest part. Seamless jump started this process for me by helping me identify said person; which ultimately led to one of my
  • This is a POWERFUL tool. The newly released “People Search” is unbelievably useful. I was tasked with building a list to reach out to within an industry where I had very little contacts. Seamless enabled me to generate a
  • Game changer for sure. Not only is it easy to use, but provides me with a holistic view at my finger tips. Their product road map is even better and the level of service to answer questions or take feedback is A+. Seamless is a
  • Can you believe this is free. Great work. Keep it up. I am waiting for easy ways to import the contacts to other sales tools other than salesforce. Good luck
  • What can I say… is awesome!! We’re a young company and Seamless is really helping us drive forward our sales reach. Onwards and upwards chaps, this is a great product.
  • This is a great product. Game changing for us since we have over 2m records.
  • Great platform! I love that I can find info from my SalesNavigator contacts and import into Salesforce. Keep up the great work!
  • This tool is great! I save countless hours, not just prospecting but importing my data into Salesforce. It allows me to focus more of my time on helping my customers. I highly recommend Seamless.AI!
  • Seamless AI is an unbelievable tool. I am saving so much time. It helps me get to the right people with the right message. You all are revolutionizing the sales profession. Thank you!
  • Great product! Gives me the intelligence to contact the people that I need to find and reach to build my sales pipeline. Simple! Easy! Love it!
  • Seamless.AI has made it easy for us to find the contact information for individuals within a company, or who those individuals even are! It has saved me hours of time trying to research each person individually and has even opened doors for me for contacts I wouldn’t originally have been able to connect with!
    Bee You Organics
  • Very impressed with Seamless. I use it alongside LinkedIn (literally in the sidebar) to get the information I need to better prospect. The Salesforce integration is smooth and allows me to build out my accounts 10x faster than when I had to enter in all of the information manually.
  • Awesome sales tool made by an awesome sales person…to make sales people well….Awesome. Had a info session with CEO Brandon, how often can you say that with any other company your partnered with. I am using this tool with ease to set more meeting and gain more meaningful connections with prospects.
  • As a sales professional for the last 10+ years, this is an amazing tool! I have been able to research and find out C-Level information that would normally be tough to get to via a gate keeper or executive assistant. I’m very impressed so far.
  • Really enjoyed using it! Has made it my job so much more efficient!!
  • Seamless has helped me access people that seem unreachable. Their level of customer service is off the charts! I have enjoyed using the chrome extension because it is so easy to use, and they have answered all of my questions within minutes. I would highly recommend this tool to save yourself time.
  • Seamless helped my sales team at a former employer stack the top of our funnel with $100s of thousands pipe and book over $75k in ACV in the first 7 months of use. Hands down this is the best way to find the hidden leads you’re looking for.
  • I am having a great turnout with Seamless and have referred it to many friends. Respect you for loving your job and going ALL in.
  • Incredible work on the platform, very useful and easy to use an extension. Really you guys are working hard and making it better and better as I am using it from the launch. Keep rocking and wish you best of luck for the future!
  • Testing this cool app being developed here in town. Brandon Bornancin – keep up the good work!
  • I recently started using in the Beta version and I just wanted to let you know its an avesome tool. Love how it integrated with Chrome, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. Being able to find a prospects contact information that
  • You guys rock! I came to know about your product yesterday, and I am already in love! For a stratup, your extension provides a great way to reach out to people quickly & efficiently. Thank you!
  • Man so far loving Need to weave it into all my messy “social phone” stuff. Have a draft e mail with feedback as well. Superb work.
  • Seamless is pretty cool and has helped me find proper phone numbers and email addresses from leads that did not provide nChannel accurate contact info, so I definitely wanted to mention that.
  • Really happy with the platform so far, a lot of people on our floor have been thanking me for showing it to them. Have a great week!
  • Holy smokes…what did I just see? This looks like the most powerful sales tool I’ve ever imagined.
  • I have enjoyed using seamless!
  • My team and I have been using your tool to help augment our setup. Cool work! Thanks!
  • Just started using Seamless.AI this week – too easy! Well done Brandon Bornancin!
  • I’ve been using the Google Chrome extension to find contacts at specific companies as I prospect them. I’ve been using the People Search and just typing in the company name. Contact Search would be a great tool, but a
  • Uuuumm, I just tried the title and company and BOOM, you guys have seriously just made my stinking day – thank you!!! Keep kicking ass fellas, love what you’re doing!
  • Love the tool so far!
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