• Sales Managers – Make the Heroes, Don’t be the Hero

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JULY 12, 2018

    The job of a sales manager is to make sales heroes, not be the sales hero themselves.

    The best chief revenue officers, VPs sales and director’s of sales always gave all their credit winning sales to the team and never assumed responsibility for the win.

    The best chief revenue officers, VPs sales and director’s of sales always assumed responsibility for all the deals and opportunities marked as closed lost in Salesforce.

    Top 1% sales managers the wins are because of the team, and the losses are because they didn’t do something they could have done or improved or helped with on the team to win the sales deal.

    Straight fire sales management tip from Steve Knapp FAPS, The Sales Mindset Coach:

    The best sales managers I ever worked for assumed responsibility for all our failures and gave all the credit to the sales teams when we won.

    These are the types of leaders we are building here at Seamless.ai


    About the Author
    Brandon Bornancin
    Brandon Bornancin

    Brandon Bornancin is a serial salesperson, entrepreneur, speaker, author and strategist who is obsessed with helping people maximize their sales, income and potential. Throughout his career, he studied the greats and become a top 1% performer and seven figure earner.

    Now Mr. Bornancin develops sales technologies and strategies to help companies crush sales quota’s at thousands of companies spanning Google, eBay, IBM, HP, Amazon and hundreds of others. He advises many of the world’s top-performing companies on the strategies required to build repeatable, scalable and predictable sales teams. He is recognized among the industry as one of the most up and coming Influential sales and marketing leaders in the industry.

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