• Master “I Need to Talk to my Boss” Sales Solution

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JULY 11, 2018


    In today’s episode, I want to talk about dialing in to what the prospect is really saying.

    So when you’re pitching a deal and the prospect tells you to give them a call back later or follow up in a day or they gotta talk to their boss, dial in to asking and probing what that means.

    So I just was coaching one of my outside sales reps and he’s like, “Oh yeah, I talked to John, the influencer, “he’s gonna talk to the decision maker and then get back to us and we’ll get that company signed up.” and I’m like, “Okay, well what does that mean “he’s gonna talk to the decision maker?” ]

    So let’s just say the influencer is John, the decision maker is Bobby. So one of my AEs used to go, “Yeah, John’s gonna talk to Bobby “and he’ll get back to us with an answer “and they’ll be signing up.” and it’s like, “Okay well, “what is John gonna say to Bobby, did you ask that?”

    Is he gonna say that this is the best platform in the world? The world’s best sales leads platform and we need to sign up right away? Is he gonna say that, “Hey, I don’t like the platform, let’s not use it.” Is he gonna say, “Hey, this is something that we should use and here’s the ROI.” Is he gonna say, “We don’t even need a new leads platform so why are we even looking at this?”

    What is Johnny even gonna tell Bobby?

    You need to ask the prospect, the influencers. If they need to talk to someone else, their boss, their spouse, whoever it may be, you gotta dial into how are they gonna pitch that to their boss? What does the boss or decision maker typically say? What does the decision maker need to see to make a decision to move forward? Do they need to see anything? Do they need to see an ROI? Do they just give you permission to do whatever you think would grow the business?

    When I was at IBM and Google, they just trusted whatever I recommended. Well IBM, I had to show the ROI and put together 50 business cases to get approval but when I was selling for the Google Search Agency, my chief revenue officer knew I was a revenue game changer so whatever I came to him with, he’s like, “Okay, if this is what you think, then run with it.” Those are two totally different processes.

    One process at IBM, I’d have to present ROI business case, value proposition, so much shit to 10 different people internally to get buy in and sign off for a fucking $100 a month. The other company, the Google Search Agency, I would present to my chief revenue officer. I would just call him. “Hey, Jeff! Brandon. Look, I wanna get this new sales leads platform. It’s gonna help me crush it. It’s 100 bucks a month, $3 a day, just trust me here. You cool with that? Great.” Most of the time, he wouldn’t even care. I wouldn’t even have to get his permission. I would just get it and expense it.

    So those are three different situations:

    One, a decision-making process where they have to present to 10 different people and an internal organization to get alignment, the second process is you just call the decision maker, tell ’em what you’re gonna do and he’ll give you approval, maybe have a question or two and you answer it, the third is you don’t even need permission. You just fucking buy it and expense it on your card. So as you can see, you really need to dial in. You need to probe, you need to ask a lot of questions.

    “Hey, John. Just give me a call back. Brandon over at Seamless.ai, the world’s best sales leads. We’re thrilled to get you on the platform with Seamless Unlimited. What do we need to do to get you upgraded today?”

    John’s like, “Hey man. Love the platform. Really excited to use it. I gotta talk to Bobby. I’ll probably talk to him later today or tomorrow if I can’t catch him today. Let me get back to you.” That’s when you go into probing.

    “Hey, awesome, man. That sounds great. What does Bobby typically say to you John when you recommend sales technologies like Seamless? What does Bobby typically say?”

    “Well typically, he just wants to make sure that it does XYZ  or that it drives revenue.

    “Okay, great. Is there anything that we need to show Bob? When you recommend technologies like Seamless, sales technologies, marketing technologies, do you need to show anything to Bobby to get approval? What’s his review decision making purchasing process over there? So that way, I can make sure I prepare and give you everything that you need to be successful to get the technologies you need to maximize your revenue results.”

    So you gotta really fucking probe. You gotta really try to identify like really go deep into who are the decision makers? What do they typically say when you recommend things like this? What do they need to see to get approval? How long is the decision-making process for getting things like this? Is it immediate? If you show them the ROI, it’s instant or does the CRO or CMO need to take that CTL, need to take that and then present to the CEO? It could be a 10-step process, it could be an instant process so there’s a lot of questions.

    I was on my AE’s ass when he was like, “Oh yeah, I talked to Johnny. He’s gonna present to Bobby and we should be good to go. Okay well like, you’re not even 50% of the way there. What do they typically say? What does Bobby typically say when Johnny recommends things? What does Bobby need to see in order to buy this? Have they bought similar technologies in the past? What was the process for that? How is Johnny gonna pitch this to Bobby? Does Johnny have everything he needs to effectively and efficiently pitch this to Johnny to get approval? These are all the things. You need to really push yourself and ask the tough questions and get the tough answers that you need to help your influencers and decision makers move forward with buying the product that you know is going to maximize their success.

    So don’t be afraid to dial in on the deal when you’re doing pitch follow ups, meeting follow ups, demo follow ups, proposal callback follow ups. Really dial in on the deal, get it done, make it happen. I hope you found this sales strategy tips and best practices of value to help you crush quota and maximize your sales potential.

    Thanks for tuning in and for those of you who don’t know me, it’s Brandon Bornancin, CEO and founder of Seemless.ai, the world’s best sales leads platform. Sign up today to get a thousand dollars worth of free leads at Seamless.ai and connect with me on LinkedIn: Brandon Bornancin. B-R-A-N-D-O-N, B-O-R-N-A-N-C-I-N. I connect with everyone and I wanna help you maximize your potential. Thank you.

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    Brandon Bornancin
    Brandon Bornancin

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