• How to Grab (& KEEP!) The Decision Maker’s Attention

    Austin Shrigley
    ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

    Brandon Bornancin is joined by Lauren Bailey, founder of Factor 8 in this live webinar discussing the best sales strategies for prospecting,  cold calling, pitching and closing more sales deals.

    Lauren Bailey was voted “Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Inside Sales” by The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals 2013-2018, and is the President & Founder of Factor 8 and #Girls Club.  She has dedicated 20 years of her career to launching and leading inside sales organizations.

    Brandon Bornancin is the CEO and Founder @ Seamless.ai, where we are working 24/7 on developing a platform that helps you connect to opportunity faster than ever before using the power of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. While working for IBM and Google, his cofounders decided to apply our knowledge of sales, software development, search algorithms, data aggregation, deep learning networks and artificial intelligence to build a global solution that helps companies acquire their total addressable market instantly using AI.

    (11:50) Sales Intro – You only have a few seconds to capture the prospect’s attention and you must be very strategic with how you use this in order to get the best results. Nobody likes getting sales calls and nobody likes spending hours to get in contact with someone that hangs up on you after the first 10 seconds.

    (13:00) You must spend money on data.

    Data changes quickly, you must invest in good data, and protect that investment with skills. Seamless.ai is revolutionizing the way salespeople get real time, accurate data, at a very reasonable price.

    (14:00) – The hardest part of a sales intro call is getting to the conversation. This is not what most sales books teach. LB describes the “old school way of thinking,” and her 6 sales intros to avoid.

    (19:30) – You must quickly earn the attention of the decision maker. People are busy with emails and multi-tasking, it’s your job to pull them away from this.

    (24:30) – For voicemails, start with your value proposition, and close with the intro. Follow this up with an email and social touch to ensure you are touching your prospects through multiple channels.

    (26:00) – A good introduction should be less than 10 seconds and include 3 things: Who are you, What do you want, and Why should I care? Be as concise as possible.

    (28:00) – Once you have their attention, use the SWIIFT Intro approach is a personalized way to get the buyer engaged.

    So What’s In It For Them?

    Their Name

    Your Name & Company

    SWIIFT purpose of your call

    1-3 SWIIFT No brainer questions

    (34:00) – The SWIIFT purpose statement can be broken down into 6 categories:

    Time – Save you some time on..

    Money – Help increase your profit margin

    Ease / Quality of Life – Make this seriously easier

    Looking Good / Reputation – Ensure you’re the hero

    Control – Help you get control over..

    Risk Protection – Ensure you’re protected from..

    Secret Ingredient: LeverageBob asked me to call today.

    With a targeted approach like this, it helps you gain credibility and get the attention of the decision maker.

    (39:00) – Using the words value and help can help perk someone’s ears. The goal here is to get them to look up from their emails!

    (41:00) – An example of the SWIIFT intro in action:

    “Larry! Hi, Lauren at Factor 8. The goal of my call is to show you how we’ve helped other associations save time and money prepping for their conferences.”

    (45:00) – To get the buyer talking right away, ask 1-3 SWIIFT no brainer questions. These are typically closed end and easy to answer. The goal is the get the other party talking!

    (47:00) – Examples of SWIIFT no brainer questions:

    “You have more than 5000 members, right?”

    “The conference is in Chicago again this year right?”

    (52:00) – Always leave a voicemail. It often takes 7-10 touches to build rapport with the other party. A SWIIFT voicemail provides value and contact info. Lead with the goal of your call, which will set you up nicely for the purpose statement.

    (57:00) – Management tips for coaching the SWIIFT Intro.

    (59:00) – LB presents the Factor8 training course that provides you personalized training, scripts

    Email LB info@Factor8.com with the subject “Pull up a seat” to get a 2 week free trial and a discounted rate of 50% off.

    (1:01:00) – Get 600 FREE LEADS on Seamless.AI (over $1000 value) using code “COFFEE” at login.seamless.ai/register.

    (1:03:00) – Questions from live webinar attendees

    Watch the recording of the live webinar to learn more about successful sales intro calls here.


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