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CompanyAxios Ingenieria SpA
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Axios Ingenieria SpA
Company DescriptionCivil and Geotechnical Engineering consulting company. Provides application of geosciences in civil engineering, bringing additional value in geotechnical area and any kind of infrastructure civil design, mainly related to mining and energy developments. Axios provides an integrated consulting services within geotechnical, geology, and civil engineering applied to offer a more complete final product. Highlighted Geotechnical services of Axios are the following: • Geotechnical investigations management / coordination • Geotechnical data management • Soils investigations and laboratory testing analysis • Geotechnical studies for earthworks assessment and borrow material sources identification • Slopes Stability analysis (roads, waste dumps, heap leach pads, dams) • Geotechnical and geological hazards assessment for roads, pipelines and power lines Axios provides engineering support from the early stages towards advanced engineering phases. Its specialty is to bring support in early stages of development, offering improvement in the basis of information through the utilization of different methodologies and innovating technology when the available information is limited or with lack of detail. The engineering services that Axios offers are mainly related to the following type of facilities: • Heap Leaching design (On-Off pads, permanent, Valley leach) • Design with geosynthetics (geomembranes HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, geonet, GCL, drainage pipes) • Massive Earthworks (Platforms, dams, reservoirs) • Tailings storage facilities and Landfills • Access roads (high altitude), pipelines routes, power lines, channels, culverts. • Hydrology engineering (run-off water management, deviation trench, retention ponds, rainwater drains) For more information, please contact to info@axiosingenieria.cl or andres.leon@axiosingenieria.cl

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Axios Ingenieria SpA

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