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Alison Rago

Digital Account Executive

CompanyThe Sawtooth Group
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The Sawtooth Group
IndustryMarketing and Advertising
Company Size51 employees
Company DescriptionOur business is communications. Our mission is creating positive impact. We believe that all brands have the power to be irresistible—and our job is to unlock that power by deeply connecting brands and their consumers through communications. Our proprietary, quantitative tool, I-Factor™ helps brands Unlock their Irresistibility. I-Factor™ works like this: we use our unique methodology to analyze the three components of your brand’s irresistibility. Then we assign your brand a quantifiable score. That score will give us deeper insight into your brand’s Irresistibility Factor™ and give true insights on how to increase it. I-Factor™ is revolutionary. It is intuitively led and scientifically grounded. So the study is rich in emotion and science, which is important since 95% of all purchase decisions occur on the subconscious level. The idea is to increase the number of people who “have to have” and “want to share” your brand exponentially.

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The Sawtooth Group

Digital Account Executive