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Chief Marketing Officer

CompanyLeadership Society of Arizona
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Leadership Society of Arizona
IndustryEducation Management
Company Size2 employees
Company DescriptionThe Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA), is a network of educators, professionals, students and business leaders who are seeking to improve the current education system to better prepare the rising generation to become future leaders. LSA does this by exposing students to a new way of thinking that has been shown to help them reduce stress, gain more vision for their future, and become more successful in every area of their lives. LSA proposes that students learn more effectively when education is simple, fun, and applicable to everyday life. This new way of thinking is packaged into a simple leadership framework that is built on logical principles and natural laws that have been derived from history’s greatest minds (Socrates, Da Vinci, Einstein, Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Richard Feynman, Edward Deming, and many more). What makes this framework unique from others, is how it teaches students to first learn about the three most important aspects in their life, 1) finding out who they are, 2) what they enjoy, and 3) what value they can provide to others. We have found that these three key principles are the foundation of what has made every great person in history successful. Current partners include: InMedia Magazine, Access ASU, BASIS Scottsdale, North High School, Mountain Pointe High School, InfusionSoft, and The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). LSA aims to do the following: 1. Offer curriculum to schools across the country both online and in-person. 2. Create professional development course for teachers to incorporate LSA methodology into their curricula. 3. Host community-driven family leadership development workshops. 4. Connect with professional organizations and companies in order to provide them with a pool of highly educated students for small-scale projects, internships, and full-time employment. Learn more about us at leadaz.org or contact Chuck Zulanas at chuck.z@leadaz.org for more information.

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Leadership Society of Arizona

Chief Marketing Officer