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Aaron Vaughn

Corporate Safety Manager, Quality Control Manager & ISO Manager

CompanyMayekawa USA Inc.
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Mayekawa USA Inc.
Company Size121 employees
Company DescriptionWith over 90 years of worldwide experience, Mayekawa is an industry leader in industrial refrigeration equipment. Mayekawa/MYCOM designs refrigeration packages specific to the needs of process cooling and cold storage end users. At the core of our business is the MYCOM compressor, available in dual rotary screw and reciprocating designs. Through our commitment to enhance environmentally friendly refrigerant adoption, Mayekawa products use technology to harness the power of the Natural Five (ammonia, carbon dioxide, water, air and hydrocarbons) to help reduce the industry's global warming contributions. To learn more about Mayekawa/MYCOM equipment, visit www.mayekawausa.com.

Work Experience

Mayekawa USA Inc.

Corporate Safety Manager, Quality Control Manager & ISO Manager