Cold Calling Isn’t Dead

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November 2, 2021
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There are many business professionals in the world today that believe cold calling is a thing of the past, and that it is no longer possible to generate substantial amounts of revenue through it.

Not many people want to get calls out of the blue, by someone they have never spoken to before and claiming that they have a product or service that could revolutionize their business. Most people are going to think it's some sort of scam or that it is too good to be true. They might say “I don’t have time” or “I am about to be in a meeting” or they may just hang up before you even get your pitch out.

But all you need is for that one person to give you their time, so that you can identify the pain points that they are having, and show how your company can alleviate those problems.

Tip #1 for Cold Calling - Accepting Rejection

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This is perhaps the most important tip for cold calling, because you will hear this more often than not, depending on how targeted your cold calls are. This can be very discouraging to a new sales rep, as well as one with more experience, and have an effect on their ability to grow in sales. Cold calling is a numbers game, so even if you get 9 people that say “no” in a row, the 10th person might be the one to say “yes”.

One way to help ease some of the stress of hearing “no” is by asking the prospect why they think your company is unable to help them. By doing this, you are making it more of a conversation rather than a pitch to them, and you can identify points in your pitch to improve on, such as placing a bigger emphasis on a benefit of your product or service.

Remember, no one closes every single prospect that they engage with, especially when they are cold calling.

Tip #2 for Cold Calling - First Focus on Learning

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New sales reps should focus on maximizing their learning, rather than focusing on making sales.

One way to improve when starting a new career in sales or even changing to a new company is to find out who the top sales rep is and do what they do. This can be done in a few different ways, like asking for their script, so you can see how they pitch the product or service, or by joining a Zoom call to shadow them while they are making calls. By shadowing the top sales rep, you are able to see the best ways to deal with objections, and they can give further explanations for any questions you might have.

A third way to improve is by making a Slack channel for people to post audio recordings of sales calls. This is a simple and effective way for sales reps to find ways to improve when they have free time or are feeling a bit discouraged with their current strategy.

By learning from the best, each sales rep can greatly improve how they communicate with prospects and show them exactly what they need to do to be successful at the new company.

Tip #3 for Cold Calling - Practice, Practice, Practice

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As with any acquired skill, you must put extra time and effort into practicing cold calling to improve, which leads to closing more deals. Many cold calls are going to be very similar, as far as objections and concerns from the prospect goes, so that should be the focus of your preparation.

One way to prepare is by going through role plays with your coworkers as often as possible. This is especially important for first time sales reps, who lack real world experience for selling. When performing these role plays, use many different objections that the sales reps are likely to run into, so that you can see exactly where they need to improve their pitch.

The better the pitch, the less likely you are going to be told “no” when making cold calls.

Tip #4 for Cold Calling - Memorize the Script

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Your first goal is pretty simple and that is to memorize the script. As a new sales rep, you should not try to deviate from the standard pitch until you have a solid understanding of what you should be saying to a potential client.

As you start to make cold calls, you should note where in the pitch you are getting rejected most often. Once you have a sufficient amount of evidence, you can start to tweak the script to make improvements where you are struggling and make it more natural for how you talk.

Once you repeat this process multiple times, you will find more prospects wanting to listen to your entire pitch, and that means you will be closing more deals.

Tip #5 for Cold Calling - Use Different Tools to Save Time

A laptop and cellphone with the Seamless.AI platform showing a contact list and a contact profile.

Like any type of selling, there are many other tasks that sales reps have to complete daily, such as sending emails to prospects or manually dialing each phone number from your list or even building a list of prospects. Luckily, there are many tools to help streamline these daily processes so that you can focus on making sales and generating revenue.

Some of the most helpful tools for sales teams include:

  1. Prospecting Tools - Use a tool like Seamless.AI to build your calling lists and get direct dials to your ideal prospects.
  2. Sales Dialers - Sales dialers are a tool that enables you to make calls faster. Check out tools like Mojo
  3. Scripts/Playbooks - Seamless.AI offers both free and paid scripts here
  4. Sequence Management - Use a tool like Outreach for all of your point of contact needs

These tools offer a huge value to your business with the time that you are able to save and sales you are able to generate by using them.

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