5 Successful Cold Call Pitches

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December 1, 2021
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Cold calling can be very difficult for any salesperson, but having the right tools can make a world of difference. The first and most important tool would be having a script that has been proven to work, time and time again.

Luckily for you, I have 5 cold calling scripts that we use here at Seamless.AI every single day. By practicing these techniques, you will be able to book meetings with ease, which means you will be able to crush your quota and generate massive amounts of revenue for your business.

The Formula

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Before we get into the scripts, I want to give a general overview of how these scripts are designed, as well as where many SDRs fail in their pitch. Our formula for creating these scripts boils down to RCVSC, which is research, compliment, value proposition, social proof, and call to action.


Do your research! Before making a cold call, you want to give yourself a basis for discussion with the client. Through the internet, you have access to any and all information you could possibly need about a specific contact or even just the company that they work for. There are many tools out there to make this a quick and easy process, so taking the time to find one that suits you is vitally important.


Compliment your prospect at the first point of contact. Show them that you have done the proper research on them, instead of sending a generic email full of buzzwords, that really has no personalization.

Value Proposition

Clearly show how you can add value to your clients business. “We can help (your prospect) get this (result), and alleviate (their problem).”

An example of this would be:

“I’m reaching out because we help VPs of digital marketing like you acquire new B2B customers without increasing the cost per acquisition or wasting millions of dollars of wasted paid media ad spend.”

Social Proof

Show the prospect that you have done something similar in the past, and how you can apply that knowledge to their specific needs. Give them the details and then give them a timeline of how long the implementation will be from start to finish.

Call to Action

Now you are ready to propose your call to action. Only provide them with one call to action, because if you try to do multiple, chances are you are going to be able to have them commit to doing business with you. A call to action could be having them sign up for your free trial or schedule a demo or even buy your product if they like what they hear.

Finally, now that you have an idea of how these scripts are formulated, let’s take a look at the actual scripts that you can easily put to use for yourself.

Cold Calling Script #1 - The Grand Slam

  1. Positive Opener: Hi {{first_name}}, Happy {{day_of_the_week}}!
  2. Compliment: I love everything you are doing with {{product}}. I’ve been following you and the company on Linkedin for quite some time now! Big fan.
  3. Ask For Permission: Can I get 25 seconds real quick to share why I'm calling?
  4. Biggest Persona Pain: Great. Well when I am talking to {{persona}} in the {{industry}} industry, they are always struggling with {{biggest pain 1}} and {{biggest pain 2}}
  5. Biggest Persona Desire: This is holding people like you back from {{biggest desire 1}}
  6. Elevator Pitch: We’ve developed a platform that helps {{persona}}s in the {{industry}} industry get {{biggest desire}} without {{biggest pain 1}} in {{timeframe}}
  7. Call To Action: And the best part is, I just want to show you the power of this and how it can help. Now I know I called you out of the blue...would it be worth taking a few minutes to check this out?

This script is great because it shows the prospect that you have done the research and you are knowledgeable about their company and industry. Doing this right away, immediately starts to build rapport with the prospect and they are more likely to listen to what you are saying.

Cold Calling Script #2 - Quick Question

  1. {{first_name}}! Hey! it’s {{your_name}} calling to help you {{biggest desire}}.
  2. Yes this is a dreaded cold call so I promise to make it quick with a quick question.
  3. What are you doing today to get more {{biggest desire 1}} and {{biggest desire 2}} with {{ideal_persona}}.
  4. And the reason I ask is this….. {{relevant logo 1}} is using {{your_company}} to {{biggest desire}} with {{ideal_persona}} and seeing a big lift in results.
  5. Now I know you are probably thinking one of three things right now since i called you out of blue:
  1. Let’s talk about this right now. Which is awesome.
  2. No time or no interest. Which I totally respect and get.
  3. You are interested but want to pencil in a few minutes later on because now is not a good time.

1,2 or 3. Which is it?

This script is great because it shows the prospect that you are not trying to waste their time and getting straight to the point. By laying everything out for the prospect, they are able to choose how the engagement moves forward, which is very helpful when trying to peak their interest.

Cold Calling Script #3 - Mutual Connection

  1. Hi {{first_name}} - This is {{your_name}} with {{company}}. I’m so glad I caught you real quick. I am a big fan and I have been following for some time on Linkedin.
  2. I was speaking with {{mutual connection}} and they recommended we connect as we both do a lot of work in the {{industry}} space.
  3. I help {{persona}} do {{biggest desire}} without {{biggest pain}}.
  4. {{Mutual connection}} mentioned this may be helpful for you.
  5. Now I know I called you out of the blue….. So is there a better time to reconnect for a few minutes and dive into how I can help you out here?

This script is great because it is quick and easy, given that you have a mutual connection that recommends you to the new prospect.

Cold Calling Script #4 - Pains & Desires

  1. Hi {{first_name}}, big fan of {{company}} and your innovative {{product}}. Been following you guys for a while now on Linkedin.
  2. I know I called you out of the blue so I'll make this quick.
  3. Are you looking to {{biggest desire}} without {{biggest pain}}?
  4. I’ve got a great strategy for you and the team but I don’t want to waste your time if it’s not a priority.
  5. Can I get 20 more seconds to tell you what it is?

This script is great because it talks up their product/service in the first line and gives the prospect the opportunity to decide whether or not they would like to hear more, and it does not waste either person's time if they are not interested.

Cold Calling Script #5 - Short & Sweet

  1. Hi {{first_name}} - Big fan of {{company}} and your innovative {{product}}.
  2. If I can help you {{biggest goal} without {{Biggest pain}}.....
  3. Would it be worth investing another 20 seconds real quick to learn more?

The name of this script speaks for itself.


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As you can see, most of these example scripts are very similar, but they work! Cold calling scripts do not need to be extremely complex, but what they do need, is to be clear in their message.

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