• Why Sales Should Be Segmented

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JANUARY 4, 2017

    Learn why sales should be segmented to maximize profitable, predictable and scalable revenue growth:





    Hello. Good afternoon. It’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of Sales Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices to Crush Quota. I’m headed to an early meeting a few hours away, so I’ll be doing this video via the drive, which I like to call Sales Tip from the Web. Anyways, today I want to talk about filling the funnel, and one of the best strategies to fill the top of the sales funnel is to have a team dedicated to building your prospecting list. Instead of having all of your SDRs do both list building and contact research and then sales calling, email, phone execution, you really need to have a dedicated team doing all of the list building, a dedicated team doing all of the outreach to book the appointments, then a dedicated team to pitch and close.


    That additional segmentation, we call this Sales 3.0. Sales 3.0 is the best way to build predictable, scalable, repeatable revenue results. It’s the best, fastest, most proven way. You have a team dedicated building all of the prospecting lists and our team does this using Seamless.AI and then our SDRs, they execute all of the sales calling, email and social selling outreach to book the appointments. Then once appointments are booked they hand it off to the AEs. AEs pitch and close and it’s just boom, skyrocket, top to the right. You’ve got your predictable, scalable revenue graph ready to go and that will ensure … You don’t want your valuable SDRs who are trained killers over email, call and social to be wasting time as a data monkey or as a CRM data entry, copying and pasting person. Why have them do that?


    They are experts at prospecting, opening up calls, creating rapport, pitching for the appointment, closing the appointment via calls, emails, and social touches. Don’t have them waste any time, an ounce of energy researching a list of people to call. Have a totally dedicated, segmented, separate team to do that, and then that way, that team becomes the best at sales intelligence. Really, we built Seamless.AI, the world’s best artificial sales intelligence platform, to automate all of the pitch intelligence and the pitch research and the list building so that your data team could automate building all of those lists and same with your SDRs.


    I highly recommend build a data team that focuses on grabbing all the sales prospecting lists, the sales intelligence, building that every day for your SDRs. The SDRs, they wake up, their sales funnel and their CRM is filled 24/7 with hot prospects that they need to sell to, and then your AEs are in booked, qualified sales appointments day in and day out.


    I’d love to hear about how segmenting, list building from prospecting to closing works for you in 2017. It was a game changer for me nearly half a decade ago, and I know will be the same for you. Again, it’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of Sales Strategies, Tips and Best Practices. I appreciate tuning in. I’d love to hear in the comment section below how you segment your list building, sales research, SDR and AE team and strategies that have helped you become uber successful. Make it a great day.



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    Brandon Bornancin

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