• Think Like Your Prospects on Social

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JANUARY 5, 2017

    Learn how to think like your prospects on social to maximize social selling results:





    Think like your prospects on social


    Hello! It’s Brandon Bornancin your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota.


    Today I want to talk about thinking like your prospects on social. Let’s say you work for Seamless and your goal is to help people sell more.


    When you are working hard to build long-term profitable relationships on Linkedin, twitter and facebook, you need to think your prospects.


    What might your prospects post on these socail channels? What would they be looking for on LinkedIn and twitter? What might they be asking for or reading?


    Let’s say I am working at Seamless looking to increase sales results. My prospects might post “I need new leads” or I need to find more sales opportunities or I need new sales tools for prospecting.


    Once you have a list of phrases that your prospects might post about or search for, go to the search box of that social network and start searching.


    For example, when I type in sales tools on Linkedin or twitter, I am able to hundreds of ideal prospects that are looking for new ways to find qualified sales opportunities using the latest and greatest sales technologies. Now it’s time to drop those people a linkedin message or a tweet to introduce yourself. Be sure to also connect with them and follow them.


    When communicating with prospects on social, work hard to build a true relationship with the them by helping your prospects accomplish what they are looking to accomplish. If you come off as salesly, spammy or promotional, they are going to block you.


    The best way to avoid this is to be helpful and conversational with your prospects on social.


    As you look to maximize your social selling results, think like your prospects on social. Replicate what they would do if you were them looking for solutions to solve your problems and start connecting with them. The right value-driven message at the right time on social with your prospects will help you maximize your social selling results.


    Thanks for tuning in. It’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. I’d love to hear in the comments section below how you think like your prospects on social and ways you’ve generated new opportunities using this social selling strategy.


    Have a great day and stay tuned for more sales strategies, tips and best practices posted on our channel daily.



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