• Sales Lessons From Ronda Rousey

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON DECEMBER 31, 2016

    Happy New Years Eve! Today I want to share 2 lessons that Ronda Rousey can teach us about sales:



    Hello and Happy New Years Eve! It’s Brandon Bornancin your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. Today I want to share 2 lessons Ronda Rousey taught me about sales.


    For those of you that don’t know who Ronda Rousey is, Ronda was a top womans MMA fighter and UFC back to back champion for three years. She beat every opponent she went up against and was very loud and egotistically about being the best fighter in the business. She considered herself the best there ever was and she thought no one could ever take her out.


    That was until November 2015. Ronda’s seventh title defence, she faced Holly Holm in the main event at the UFC arena that November. Despite being a heavy weight favorite. Ronda got knocked out by Holly and gave up her 3 year championship run.


    Ever since that fight we haven’t heard much from Roussey again until last night when she faced the current champion Amanda Nunes. And within the first 48 seconds of the fight, she got kocked out and absolutely Destroyed.


    Now, I bet you we will never see Ronda in the ring again and this can teach us all a lot of about sales.


    The first lesson for salespeople is to always stay humble, through both the good times and the bad. When you are a top 1% performer in sales at your company or even among the top 10 percent making presidents club – make sure you always stay humble and hungry. You became a top performer because you stayed focused, you worked hard every day and you didn’t let anything stop you from being successful.


    Ronda let her ego get the best of her and stopped working out as hard and stopped training as hard. This same thing can easily happen to top sales people. You can have an amazing year and then get lazy the next year ahead with prospecting, pitching, closing, negotiating, filling the funnel, closing the funnel, reading new sales strategies, skilling up you name it. Make sure you always stay humble – Learn from this lesson so you don’t get knocked out like Ronda.


    The second lesson for salespeople is to always push yourself to work harder. Just remember, there are people out there working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to knock you out. Never stop adding new contacts to the top of your funnel, never stop prospecting daily, never stop pitching, never stop skilling up, never stop optimizing your sales approach and never stop closing.


    You can never take time off or delay improving your sales craft because the minute you take off, all your competitors are moving forward while you are just sitting around, getting lazy and moving backward. Spend time every day improving your sales development efforts. Never take time off from optimizing your craft.


    Ronda stopped working hard to improve her fighting skills and she stopped training. Guess what happened? She got knocked out in 48 seconds. That’s what happened. Don’t let yourself get knocked out by one of your competitors.


    We can learn a lot about sales from Ronda Rousey and let’s leverage these lessons to maximize our sales potential and make 2017 our biggest and best yet.


    Thanks for tuning in. It’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. I’d love to hear in the comments section below how you are optimizing your sales efforts from what you learned watching Ronda get knocked out, and any changes you will make to your approach.


    Have a great one and make it a big year.


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    Brandon Bornancin
    Brandon Bornancin

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