• Using Demo Scripts for the Most Efficient Sales Training

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JULY 12, 2018

    Write out the demo pitch scripts that you want your AEs to follow and train them to master the demo pitch along with great sales discovery and objection handling scripts for role playing.

    Don’t tell your AEs to just pitch and close deals. Show them how to pitch and close deals…..word for word.

    If you can’t articulate the pitch word for word written down on paper, and walk them through how to give that pitch efficiently and effectively from discovery to next steps OR discovery to closed won…..you are not effectively coaching your outside sales reps to be successful.

    Don’t tell them how to fish, show them how to catch all the Whales.

    Do you want the wall covered with a few minnows or do you want the wall covered with 10 100lb Marlins? (The Social network)

    I remember having managers that would tell me to hit my number and close sales and then give me no roadmap or guidance or scripts or anything to be successful. This is a surefire way to failure for any AE.

    Write down the demo pitch word for word, train your sales reps and then role play the demos to closed won.

    Good luck and go get em!


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    Brandon Bornancin
    Brandon Bornancin

    Brandon Bornancin is a serial salesperson, entrepreneur, speaker, author and strategist who is obsessed with helping people maximize their sales, income and potential. Throughout his career, he studied the greats and become a top 1% performer and seven figure earner.

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