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    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JANUARY 2, 2017

    Learn how to increase sales with social listening:



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    How To Increase Sales with Social Listening


    Hello! It’s Brandon Bornancin your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. Today I want to talk about social selling and using social monitoring and listening to identify new opportunities.


    By now we know social media isn’t just used as a big sales push platform to shout everything you are looking to broadcast. Social selling is all about building productive relationships with your audience and reaching out to the right people at the best time with the most meaningful and insightful content.


    To effectively accomplish this, you need to be great at social listening. Social listening is the process of tracking conversations around specific keywords, phrases or categories, and then leveraging them to build new relationships discover qualified sales opportunities and to create content for those audiences.


    An example of how you can start leveraging social listening to build new relationships and opportunities is to search for tweets on Twitter that are requesting recommendations for help with the products, services or solutions that you provide. There are always people looking for recommendations on the best companies to hire.


    You can easily listen and see if anyone is requesting recommendations in your field by leveraging the advanced search feature on Twitter. To do this, go to twitter.com/search-advanced


    The advanced search fields you want to make sure you fill in are “All of these words”. For example, at Seamless we listen for people who are looking for sales intelligence platforms, lead generation software, competitors, you name it.


    Then when you find someone on twitter looking for a recommendation in your field, you can introduce yourself and help them by giving them valuable content, advice and recommendations for what they are looking to accomplish.


    Social listening is a great way to maximize your social selling success and by listening for strategic keywords that are used by your audience across the socialsphere, you will be able to identify new hot opportunities right at the time your audience is looking to purchase.


    Thanks for tuning in. It’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. I’d love to hear in the comments section below any social listening strategies you’ve leveraged to find new opportunities that fill the funnel.


    Make it a great day!



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