• Don’t Drop The Ball In Sales Like Mariah Carey

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JANUARY 1, 2017

    Don’t drop the ball in sales like Mariah Carey:



    If you missed her performance, check it out here:



    Vlog Transcript:


    Today I want to chat about maintaining sales consistency so you don’t drop the ball like Mariah Carey.


    Wow – Last nights New Years eve celebration was something. If you were tuning into ABC with Ryan Seacrest like our party was, you would have seen the disaster of last nights performance by Mariah Carey. 2 minutes into her performance, Mariah Carey has a complete melt down on stage. She didn’t know the words to her own songs, she couldn’t even lip-sync her own songs, she loses it on stage throwing her mic and even insults fans in the audience as well as the crew putting on the production.


    The only thing I could think about during this terrible performance was that Mariah Carey didn’t execute enough sales consistency.


    To be successful in sales development you need to be consistent. You need to be consistent with your sales research, your call preparation, executing your outbound prospecting campaigns and consistent with completing all of your follow up.


    Mariah wasn’t consistent with executing her outbound sales campaign to nail that performance. She didn’t practice enough, she didn’t optimize her sales scripts, she didn’t follow up and she definitely didn’t have tenacity to continue prospecting, pitching and closing the deal.


    When we’re selling hard in 2017, we have to make sure all of our sales development efforts have an editorial calendar and are planned with strategic, consistent follow up. You can’t add 50 new prospects to the funnel in salesforce today and then not add any new prospects to the funnel for another month. You can’t make 50 calls today and then not touch outbound prospecting for another week…You can’t follow up with prospects once and then give up because you think they aren’t interested – you just won’t get the results you are looking for.


    To be successful in sales development, you need to be consistent. Consistency paired with sales activity will make you unstoppable.


    Don’t drop the ball in 2017 like Mariah Carey. To maximize your sales prospecting success, maintain consistency across all of your sales development efforts. Prospect every day, be consistent, ditch the randomness and maintain high levels of output 24/7/365 and I gaurantee you will crush your sales quota.


    Thanks for tuning in. It’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. I’d love to hear in the comments section below how you maintain sales consistency and strategies you leverage to make sure you don’t drop the ball in 2017!



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