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67% of a salesperson’s time is wasted on non-selling activities like list building, contact research, data entry and busy work.
That’s why we automate all your non-selling work for you so you can spend 100% of your time on what you do best:
Pitching & Closing Deals.
Contact research
list building
data entry
busy work
  • Average salary per employee $100,000
  • Time wasted on sales research / non-selling 67%
  • Cost per employee $67,000

FULL-SERVICE sales data automation

Maximize sales by having Seamless join your team as an extension of the business to manage all sales research and list building
needs. Comprised of dedicated sales data scientists, proprietary patent-pending sales intelligence technology and big data
management, we will identify all your sales goals and deliver customized prospecting lists every day to help you exceed sales
quota’s and revenue targets.
Sales Data Scientists
Sales Data Technology
Sales Big Data

Seamless by the numbers


Clients served around
the world


Years of combined sales
automation experience


# of Seamless researched
& validated for clients


Average Net Promoter


Sales automation
technologies we’ve built


Sales platforms our team
is certified to support


Number of awards won by
our clients


Full-Time Sales Automation


Fortune 500


Sales automation blog posts written by the team


% of time, energy and effort
spent on developing sales
automation strategies


Hours spent obsessed with
helping you crush quota



Work with Seamless to define your most profitable ideal customer persona industries, companies and contacts. Our sales data scientists will master your requirements and hit the ground running.

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Seamless sales data scientists research all your ideal customer persona contacts and accounts. We then create real-time databases of every decision maker at your most profitable accounts.

Seamless researches 1000s of sources and automatically provides you detailed pitch research on all your ideal contacts and accounts. Now you can finally automate prospecting at scale with contextual personalization.

Maximize revenue results and acquire your total addressable market in 24 hours or less

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Delivering the world’s best sales intelligence is at the core of Seamless, and we take it very seriously.

We leverage a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and sales data science to ensure that our intelligence is comprehensive, accurate, useful and accessible.

This approach empowers us to build an accurate database of 2.5 Billion contacts over the next 12 – 24 months.

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Delivering the world’s best sales intelligence is at the core of Seamless, and we take it very seriously.

We leverage a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and sales data science to ensure that our sales intelligence is accurate, timely, comprehensive, useful and accessible.

We deliver only the best to maximize your success.

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Simply import all your new contact and account prospecting lists into your favorite crm, with custom, one-click integrations with top CRMs like Salesforce.

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Once you have all the data you need to capture your total addressable market and most profitable accounts, launch your multi-channel sales and marketing campaigns.

Leveraging thousands of data points empowers you to execute personalization at scale to millions.

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Trusted by 10,000+ Professionals worldwide

  • I was over 300% to quota at IBM. Seamless was a major contributor to my success. I will recommend them to anyone looking to generate more predictable revenue results.

    cust_1 David
  • We have aggressive sales goals every quarter. Seamless helps us beat them, time and time again.

    Kristen1 Kristen
  • Seamless.AI has been a game changer for me. It’s helped me find the right contacts and deliver the right message at the right time to close more deals this quarter, currently finishing at 227%.

    Nathan-dellemc Nathan
  • NO other tool out there like this. Wouldn’t even bother prospecting without it.

    Chris-cisco Chris
  • Human Data Scientists + Sales Software = Game Changing. Work with these guys if you want to close BIG deals.

    cust_7 Scott
  • I’ve been using Seamless for years and will never consider another alternative. The best sales leads out on the market to find and close more deals.

    Mark-rfactr-logo-larger Mark
  • Seamless is incredible. Within two weeks of using it, I closed a $1,500,000 deal…our largest yet. If you aren’t using Seamless, you need to start today.

    Oliver-REMAX-METROplus2 Oliver
  • I make hundreds of calls a week. I work with Seamless because I want to make each and every one of them count, and dominate my sales quota every year. It’s that simple.

    cust_12 Dan
  • Amazing service. This solves my biggest problem of how to move quickly AND still have highly relevant and contextual information to engage my prospects and customers. I highly recommend using Seamless.

    jeff Jeff
  • Finding a ton of new opportunities using seamless. Great software – easy to use and find leads. Would recommend for account based sales and marketing. Love the team over there as well…

    brad Brad
  • The Seamless sales search engine delivers top notch sales leads every time. If you want to work with an amazing sales platform that builds your pipeline and helps you close more sales, I highly recommend Seamless.

    cust_3 Greg
  • Since working with Seamless, I quadrupled the amount of opportunities in my pipeline. I highly recommend Seamless to anyone looking to find more hot leads and close more deals.

    cust_9 Brian
  • Seamless AI is the prime tool in the “tool box” for anyone in sales or needing information for qualified, warm prospects. Using Seamless will make a cold call into a warm conversation by providing information for having a high level, in-depth conversation at all stages of contact with the researched individual.

    Frank Frank
  • As the Director of Operations for an ad agency, I love the efficiency that Seamless AI provides. It gives me instant and reliable contact information when I am doing biz dev work as well as working on staff aug. Very nice and easy to use app.

    jack Jake
  • These guys are the best. Time and time again Seamless helps create a system that generates new revenue opportunities and scales results. I was among the top 5% of sales reps this year, thank you Seamless!

    Mark Mark


2500 Contacts / Mo.
5000 Contacts / Mo.
10,000 Contacts / Mo.
10,000+ Contacts / Mo.


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One-Time Project

For companies that need a one-time contact list25% SETUP FEE

Sales Emailing

Fully managed prospecting – highly personalized sales emailing$1 / EMAIL

Sales Calling

Fully managed prospecting – highly personalized sales calling$1 / CALL