• Account-Based Sales Development Playbook

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JANUARY 9, 2017

    Hello! It’s Brandon Bornancin your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. Today let’s chat about Account-based sales development and how many people you should target at your ideal accounts as well as the best way to prospect your account-based customer personas.



    Let’s address the first question we get frequently: How many people should you target at your ideal accounts?


    The quickest answer of course is, We’ll that depends on a number of factors – like the size of the account. How many users, influencers, decision makers and budget holders.


    Despite all of that. My recommendation is to target them all.


    For example, Seamless sells to the Fortune 500 and 1000. When we are selling to these accounts, we target both sales and marketing because we help both divisions maximize revenue growth by automating account based sales intelligence, prospecting, list building, pitch research, CRM data entry, demand generation, total addressable market acquisition, you name it.


    So when we are targeting sales, we’re going to prospect the users, the decision makers and the budge holders. Essentially everyone in the division. This typically spans sales development, Account executives, directors of sales and Vp’s of sales or chief revenue officers.


    To target each of these sales personas, we need to have different sales development campaign messaging for each.


    For VPs of sales, we’re going to focus on helping the entire sales team maximize sales growth and profitability. We also highlight strategies that will help get there entire team over quota while Improving the bottom line.


    When we are selling to account executives or directors of sales, we’re going to talk about keeping their pipeline filled w new qualified sales opportunities and get them to 150-300% to quota. We’re also going to highlight helping them make more money than they ever dreamed of. We know that this is exactly what sales directors care about. How to find, pitch and close as many deals as humanly possible.


    And then lastly when targeting sales development we get very tactical and highlight in our messaging how we’re going to help SDRs automate all their monotonous daily tasks to book more appointments than ever before like prospecting list building, pitch research, CRM data entry and account-based appointment setting.


    The same goes for Marketing. We’re going to target all the users, influencers, decision makers and budget holders.


    This spans VPs or CMOS of marketing, directors of marketing and then tactical execution marketing managers.


    The messaging has to be different for VPs of marketing than what it is for Directors of marketing and managers of marketing.


    Everyone has different responsibilities spanning very tactical execution at the bottom of the marketing org chart to overall team performance across all marketing channels at the top.


    This is why you develop different messaging for each role for all your account-based sales development campaigns.


    To maximize account-based sales development and booked appointments, target everyone top down, bottom up and middle in-between.


    Today decisions are made by buying committees. Everyone gets an opinion to weigh in on what the company should buy and what products solve their needs at that time.


    Target all your personas across every division you support and write different messaging for each persona.


    If you aren’t sure what the roles and responsibilities are for each persona, a great hack is to check indeed or simplyhired for that position. You can immediately see what the roles, responsib kitties and KPIs are for that account-based customer persona. Then you are off to the races!


    Thanks for tuning in. It’s Brandon Bornancin, your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. Your comments, shares and ideas below are my fuel so I’d love to hear from you. Make today great and more daily strategies to come so be sure to connect with me here or sign up for our blog.



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