• 5 Sales Hacks To Become a Thought Leader

    Brandon Bornancin
    ON JANUARY 6, 2017

    5 sales hacks to become a thought leader in your space:



    Hello! It’s Brandon Bornancin your host of sales strategies, tips and best practices to crush quota. Today I want to help you become a sales thought leader among your industry with these 5 sales hacks.


    The first two sales hacks are to find and share valuable content with your prospects.


    Finding and sharing meaningful content with your audience will help you become a thought-leader but it can also be very challenging. Each asset has to deliver value to your prospects and it has appeal to a very specific customer persona. Additionally, different content appeals to different personas at different stages of the sales cycle.


    That being said, don’t get bogged down in the details – something I call paralysis by analysis. Right now you just need to find valuable, strategic and educational content that helps your audience accomplish their goals and then you just need to start sharing that content.


    As you find great content to share, or as you even write your own content, the third sales hack is to save it to a content library so you can easily pull from it to deliver thought leadership to your prospects in the future.


    4th Sales Hack to becoming a thought leader in your space:


    As you find new content assets, you need to make sure you write sales scripts to distribute your thought leadership across your sales emails, calls and voicemails.


    For example, if we create a great blog post or eBooks on how to create great content for sales, we’re going to save that asset in our content library AND we are going to write an email script to pitch that asset to our audience. Once the email pitch is done, we’ll also write a call and voicemail script.


    By writing sales scripts for all your content assets in your content library, it empowers sales and marketing to effectively and quickly distribute those assets to all your ideal prospects.


    5th Sales Hack to becoming a thought leader in your space:


    As you search for great content to add to your library, I highly recommend using some of my favorite free tools like feedly, twitter lists, google alerts, uberflip and get pocket.


    These tools are a great way to stay on top of the latest, greatest and most impactful content out there on your industry.


    In closing, to become a thought leader in your space, you need to find, share and create great content for your audience to accomplish their goals. I hope this sales strategy helps you become a thought leader in your space and I look forward to hearing in the comments section below any tips you leverage to improve becoming a thought leader in your industry.



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    Brandon Bornancin

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